Month: February 2022

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Upgrading? Consider Refurbished Office Equipment This Time

Having the right office equipment is critical for ensuring your business is functional and optimized for growth. However, it’s often a big investment upfront when you’re upgrading, and you may not always have the funds you’d like. Luckily, excellent options for professionally refurbished machines come from the same reliable vendors with excellent support and maintenance agreements. Refurbished…
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28/02/2022 0

Ways Document Management Works Wonders in Health Care

Don’t let your health care practice get bogged down in excessive paperwork anymore. This is the most common complaint of staff and patients. With today’s digital solutions, it’s easy to shift to digital document management to improve communication, access, compliance, security, and processing. Integrating Document Management in Health Care Document management in health care isn’t an…
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25/02/2022 0

How Investing in Office Equipment Improves Your Business Workflow

It’s time for most businesses to head back to the office in some capacity, which creates an excellent opportunity for you to look at your business workflow. How do you communicate with employees? Is your collaboration working or not? How do your employees use office equipment, and are there features to help them be more…
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This year is a great time to make upgrades to your office equipment. Why? The office is changing more than ever, and technology has made significant strides in recent years. As employees return to the office, you can set a standard with productivity and enhanced features. Why make the updates now? We’ll outline some key changes…
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23/02/2022 0

The Easy Way to Print from Your Mobile Device

Today’s business environment is becoming increasingly mobile. Frequent travel, working between multiple locations, and virtual offices bring with them new demands for on-the-go access to files and documents. Smart phones, tablets and laptops meet the need for digital access to content, but digital access is often not enough. The mobile workforce is looking to transform…
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22/02/2022 0

Do all MFPs Do the Same Thing?

Multifunction printers have become widely popular with small and home businesses. For a good reason, MFPs reduce energy, save up space, and increase productivity by integrating traditional office duties such as printing, faxing, copying, and scanning into one device. Even if you don’t fax, monitor, or copy regularly, an MFP can do so if required.…
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21/02/2022 0

Your Print Management Questions Answered

Managed print is making waves across the business world because it’s not just the simple service it sounds like. Managed print is a comprehensive print oversight service that will help you to manage supplies, costs, print fleet, output, policies, print data, and more. Print management can save you a ton of money, but it’s a service…
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17/02/2022 0

The Top Benefits Of Having A Wireless Printer As A Small Business

Wireless printers are a highly effective innovation in business printing. Office Wi-Fi plays an integral role in increasing productivity and you can easily connect your printer to all your office devices. These printers can even be connected to your phone, makes it easier to use. Once all your team members are connected, they can send…
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16/02/2022 0

Different Types of Copier and Their Different Uses

Do you want to have an understanding of what type of copier your office really needs? There are a wide variety of different types of copier machines available on the market today, all offering different features. Having knowledge of the types of machines and their wide range of features will help you make the best choice depending…
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15/02/2022 0

Now you’re working from home, do you need to buy a better printer?

With the Corona virus pandemic unfortunately in full swing, you may have been stuck working from home for just a few days or perhaps a week or more already. You may have started to realise how much in fact you relied on the good old office copier. All of a sudden you can’t make copies of important…
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