Month: March 2022

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Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Next-Level Office Services

Are your daily business processes as efficient as they could be? Outsourcing to office services like Managed Print, Cloud Services, and Workflow Optimization can deliver tremendous savings in every department of your organization.  Managed Print Services A well-managed print environment can bring new efficiencies to your organization. Conversely, a print infrastructure that’s loosely managed or out of control…
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Let Your Office Equipment Help You Cut Printing Costs

With the average knowledge worker cranking out 12,000 documents per year, it’s little wonder that printing costs fall just behind rent and employee salaries for many organizations. The good news is that there are effective ways to reduce printing costs, and most of them deliver other benefits into the bargain. Smart Printing Basics In most…
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30/03/2022 0

Leasing a Copier? Here’s How to Move Forward With Confidence.

Are you tasked with deciding whether to buy, rent, or lease a multifunction system for your office? There’s a lot to consider, and answering the following three key questions is the first step in the process. 1. Should we buy, lease, or rent our multifunction copiers? The answer to this question depends on your company’s…
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29/03/2022 0

Uncover Hidden Costs with Print Audit’s Managed Print Solution

When asked to tabulate business printing costs, most of us would begin (and end) with a list that looks something like this: Equipment Paper Toner If only it were that easy! Identifying the real cost of business printing is much more complicated, and it’s often the less-than-obvious expenses that have the worst impact on bottom…
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Prepare for Disaster with Digital Document Solutions

What would you do if disaster struck your business tomorrow? There’s little chance that you could salvage much from a catastrophic fire or flood; most of your physical assets would either be destroyed or severely damaged. But are those possessions what defines your business? While the loss of your business location and everything inside it…
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25/03/2022 0

Looking for Growth? Try Cloud Computing!

The explosive adoption of cloud computing has led to impressive growth for businesses across the spectrum. From reduced costs to improved process efficiency, switching to the cloud may be the surest path to success for your company in the years ahead. Here are three of the most recently identified advantages of cloud computing. 1. Improved product turn-around…
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3 Ways to Save with High-Tech Office Equipment

Paper-based filing systems provide almost no advantages, and the downsides are easy to spot. Search time — Researchers estimate that searching for paper documents requires as much as eight hours per week, per employee. Duplication — When documents can’t be located, they must be recreated. Loss — From misfiling to damage from age or disaster, paper files are…
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23/03/2022 0

3 Reasons to Limit Access to Desktop Inkjet Printers

Desktop personal printers are easy to acquire because of their low purchase price and off-the-shelf availability. But if you haven’t included them in your print-related expense reports, you should be. Because desktop printers have relatively insignificant sticker prices, businesses often overlook them and instead focus on large acquisitions like large multifunction copiers and laser printers. Here’s what those…
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22/03/2022 0

Reduce Printing Costs With Print Audit Managed Print Solution

Not sure whether Managed Print is right for your business or organization? For companies with at least three printing devices, Managed Print is worth a second look. What’s Your Strategy? You’re occupied with managing and growing your business, and there’s little time left over for implementing a print strategy. Unfortunately, hidden costs can take a significant chunk out…
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21/03/2022 0

Slow Network Impeding Your Progress?

Acquiring information used to be a time-consuming process. A trip to the library or bookstore was the starting point for everything from how to grow bigger tomatoes to identifying the source of the mysterious ticking sound under your car’s hood. And next year’s vacation? The journey began by writing to the chamber of commerce for…
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