Month: May 2022

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What’s the Real Difference Between Lamp Projectors vs. Laser Projectors?

The use of projectors can be extremely helpful during a meeting or presentation. However, choosing a type can be difficult. Here’s what you need to know about both lamp and laser projectors. Projector Brightness It’s essential for everyone to be able to see what is being projected, so projector brightness matters. A lamp projector relies…
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31/05/2022 0

Managed Print Services Can Protect Your Printer

Ever since computers first came into existence, they have been vulnerable to being hacked. Many people do not realize that printers are actually one of the most vulnerable parts of an office. Modern printers have touch screens, use the internet, and can be programmed to do amazing things. Sadly, these smart features also make the…
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30/05/2022 0

Managed Print’s Benefits in the School System

There are so many costs associated with running a school that it can be challenging to keep track of them all. When it’s time for a school to cut its costs, the cost of printing should be considered among the viable budget options. Printing costs may seem to be fixed, but they can be lowered…
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27/05/2022 0

Know Your IT Infrastructure Before Choosing a Document Management Service

The document management service that you choose for your business must take into account the existing IT infrastructure that is already in place. Once you understand how it works and what it needs to continue effectively, you can choose the right document management services. The right system will work well with that architecture rather than…
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26/05/2022 0

Cloud Solutions for Businesses of Any Size

Cloud solutions are talked about in many spheres, and for a good reason. Using the cloud to store files and cloud computing to increase employee accessibility will add to your technological reach as a small business. No matter what the size of the business is, the cloud can improve the way business gets done. Storage…
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25/05/2022 0

Essential Office Equipment for Your Business Needs

The office equipment in your office is essential for every part of the business. Without the right tools, workers could never do their jobs properly. If you aren’t sure which office equipment is essential, here is a quick guide to the most helpful machines. Office Furniture Office furniture is there to provide comfort and assistance…
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24/05/2022 0

Benefits of Managed Print

Managed print services are a great way to take care of many of the problems associated with office printing. These services allow for management to have more control over the printing process as well as its security and the costs associated with it. Bringing Down Printing Costs When an office has managed print services, the costs…
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23/05/2022 0

Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in the Office

Nothing is as expected as change, but it doesn’t have to be the huge changes that have an effect on your company. Often, it is the smaller changes that leave a business better able to do business efficiently and to recover more quickly from a disaster. Relying on Paper Paper is important in virtually every…
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20/05/2022 0

How to Spot Fake Office Equipment Reviews

The multitude of copiers on the market today may be intimidating when it’s time to choose one. Luckily, there are so many customer reviews available online, and those can help you choose the best one. Or can they? Here’s how to weed out the fake ones so you can get help from the real reviews. Overly Biased…
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19/05/2022 0

Does Managed Print Really Save You Money?

The cost of printing keeps climbing for many companies, and it could continue to rise if action isn’t taken to bring that cost back downward. With managed print services, there are several ways that the cost is lowered so that every page printed costs less. Spending on Printed Pages For each page that is printed…
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