Month: July 2022

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Professional Printing and Paper

PROFESSIONAL PRINTING AND PAPER Your paper would be the main guitarist at a rock concert if your print job were a rock performance. Sure, you could put any old musician up there, but if you want to go down in history as a standout, your lead player must be exceptional. Don’t be cheap with the…
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4 maintenance tips to avoid copier issues

4 Maintenance tips to avoid copier issues. Turn it off The simplest copier maintenance tip is to turn off your copier. We sometimes overlook the most basic maintenance tasks. By turning off your copy machine at night and on weekends, you can extend its life. You will also save money on your electric bill by…
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28/07/2022 0

Photocopier Operation

1. Start the photocopier. To begin, look for plugs and ensure that the copier’s cord is plugged into a nearby outlet. Next, look for the power button, which is usually on top but can be on the side. If the unit is already turned on but not responding, it may be in “sleep” mode, in…
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3 Ways To Maintain The Functionality Of Your Office Copier

OFFICE COPIERS REQUIRE (A LITTLE) MAINTENANCE: If the copier hasn’t been used in several days, such as over the weekend, it’s a good idea to run a few test prints before utilising it heavily. Before the day begins, replace old paper with a new stack and check for any jams. When kept idle for an…
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4 Proven Ways to Make Excellent Photocopies

Make the Originals Once you’ve decided to copy something, you should do everything you can to keep the original copy in good condition. Originals that are well cared for always make the best copies, so keep your original in good condition. To maintain a fresh, high-quality appearance, print the originals on heavyweight paper using an…
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How to Maximize the Use of Your Copy Machine

You Should Know About Copiers Printers and copiers are high-priced office supplies. When you buy them, you want the best features that will last a long time. A copy machine must run smoothly so that you do not waste time at work waiting for your copies to be ready. In an office, many people use…
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22/07/2022 0

The Case for Managed Print

Managed print is a comprehensive office management tool that will boost your business into a productivity realm you haven’t seen before. Okay, that may sound like quite the claim, but it’s true. Read on to learn why. Building Business and Productivity Establishing strong business practices that promote efficiency, productivity, and streamlined workflows are easy when…
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15/07/2022 0

Get Started with Document Management

Your office and employees are probably more than ready to get back in the groove as they head back to work. There are many ways to create a better office environment for everyone to come back to, but the most notable is setting your digital office up for success. What’s the best way to do…
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14/07/2022 0

Manage Print Costs with Comprehensive Oversight

Here’s an important business manager question: Are you sure that your company is responsibly managing print? It’s okay if you’re not sure – most businesses are not aware that up to 3% of their operating costs could be going to their print environment. That’s a huge chunk! If you’re not totally sure that your print…
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13/07/2022 0

3 Key Questions for Selecting Document Solutions

What are your business goals for 2021? Have you made progress toward those goals? It’s hard to stay focused as the year progresses, and especially with so much uncertainty. However, if you have goals like organizing your files, going digital, or streamlining workflow systems, it can be much easier than you think to make major…
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