Month: December 2022

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Six Tips for Buying Copier Machines

Making the decision to purchase a copier machine can be difficult. One way to make the process easier is to go with a local company with a good reputation, which guarantees you personalised service from a team that genuinely cares. Another option is to limit yourself to one brand and model, such as Ricoh copier…
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30/12/2022 0

Why does paper jam constantly persist within printers?

Copiers are evolving technologically, from simple copy machines to all-in-one machines that print, fax, copy, and scan at high speeds in colour or black and white. Regardless of how advanced copiers have become, there is one recurring issue that has frustrated many copier owners. It is not the high cost of ink cartridges, but rather…
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29/12/2022 0

6 Advantages Of The Scan Function

1) Storing document in your computerYou are no longer going to waste 50 minutes attempting to get your hands on a document contained in a collection of sheets on your desk by scanning a document and placing it on your computer or server. If your desk is the size of a shoe box, if you…
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28/12/2022 0

The Standard Operating Procedure for Changing the Toner Cartridge in a Printer

Unlike some printers that rely on liquid ink when generating documents, laser printers use a powdery substance known as “toner” that sets into place when heat is applied. This material is kept in a special container known as a “toner cartridge,” which must be replaced when the available toner runs out. Although laser printers come…
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27/12/2022 0

How to Determine Actual Print Cost for Laser Printers

Though you may have lofty goals for your small business, you must master mundane details such as operating costs in order to keep the doors open. Laser printing costs are significant for a small business, as you produce correspondence, advertising flyers, legal documents, and a variety of other items. The actual cost of running your…
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23/12/2022 0

Laser Printer Maintenance Cleaning Procedures

Laser printers are the office workhorses, producing thousands of pages per year – or even per month – in professional settings ranging from healthcare facilities to insurance companies. Your laser printer is an investment that must be properly cared for and maintained. Although basic maintenance and cleaning procedures are universal, always consult your printer’s manual…
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22/12/2022 0

How to Get Rid of Streaks on Copiers

Despite the prevalence of printers and all-in-one devices in offices and other places of business, copiers are still widely used as an efficient way to make multiple copies of documents. Copiers, on the other hand, frequently leave dark streaks on copies after extended use. Built-up toner deposits within the copier and scratches on the copier…
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21/12/2022 0

What Happens If a Printer Drum Runs Out?

Photosensitive drums are used in the printing process by laser and LED printers. The pattern of the page is flashed onto the drum, which picks up an electric charge where the light strikes it. The drum then picks up toner in the charged areas and transfers it to the paper. An electrical charge in the…
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20/12/2022 0

Color Digital LED Printer vs. Laser Printer

Color digital laser printers and light-emitting diode printers are nearly identical. Both use a photosensitive drum and can print your business documents relatively quickly by melting toner to the paper. The difference between the two printer technologies is in how the drum is illuminated: Laser printers use a laser beam to move across the drum,…
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19/12/2022 0

Parts of the Printer

The printers in your office that print correspondence, invoices, and reports contain hundreds of functional components. Printers vary in price, size, and capability, but they share many components. Paper storage, a feeder to feed paper into the printer, a printing mechanism, and electronics to control the entire process are all standard features of printers. Paper…
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