3 Steps to Improved Supply Management with Print Audit

3 Steps to Improved Supply Management with Print Audit

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Managed print solutions like Print Audit provide businesses with much-needed insight into their true cost of printing. With so many organizations adopting digital solutions, printing costs that should be showing significant declines are doing the opposite and rising. To find out the reasons behind your company’s rising print costs, Print Audit managed print solutions can delve into your print environment to uncover hidden spending.

What You Don’t Know

Much of the problems associated with tracking print costs have to do with unmanaged resources. Expensive supplies like paper and toner that should last for months can seem to disappear overnight, triggering another round of frantic ordering just to keep projects on track. The underlying cause of disappearing supplies may be simple mismanagement, including:

  1. Inefficient printing habits — Modern printing equipment combined with Print Audit software provides solutions to get the most value from your investment. By switching to mandatory solutions like duplex printing, draft modes and monochrome printing for internal documents, and restrictions on printing certain documents, your company can get a handle on waste.
  2. Personal printing — When employees are free to use your equipment for personal use, the costs can have a hidden but significant impact on your budget. By implementing user IDs to track printing habits, you can put a check on personal usage.
  3. Supply mismanagement — It’s common to see companies dealing with highly disorganized supply systems. Storage areas may be overflowing with supplies for equipment you no longer own or toner that’s expired or doesn’t match your equipment requirements. Print Audit monitors your equipment and automatically sends the correct supplies when you need them, eliminating administrative headaches and waste.

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