5 Benefits of Getting a Printer Lease for Your Business

5 Benefits of Getting a Printer Lease for Your Business

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When it comes to office management, budgeting is everything. Payroll, office supplies, equipment, and rent must all be balanced. How can you make the most of your budget while also providing your employees with the tools they need to succeed? You can invest the remaining capital on these tools and solutions to help your company grow by leasing a copier or printer.

The printer or copier is one of the most important tools in your office. It is critical to effectively manage the costs associated with your print and copy requirements. The good news is that your office can lease a copier or printer. Let’s look at some of the advantages of leasing a copier or printer over purchasing one outright.

1) Saves Money Upfront
You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars up front to get the equipment you need when you lease a copier or printer. Most leases do not require a downpayment from businesses, and if they do, it is insignificant in comparison to paying the full price upfront. The money you save can then be used to improve customer service and employee morale in other areas of your business.

You could use the money saved to upgrade your phone system, improve your internet, invest in an after-hours answering service, improve your website design, or even get ergonomic chairs for your employees.

2) Manageable Payments for Easy Budgeting
Most small to medium-sized businesses would benefit from a business class copier or printer, but the cost is out of their monthly budget. Smaller businesses can benefit from the latest technology by leasing equipment, maximising efficiency and lowering operating costs.

Lease terms are flexible for businesses, but the average term is 48-63 months. Most businesses find these lease terms more feasible, and the regular refresh cycle they enable is more efficient and cost effective.

There are certain times, however, when it’s necessary for clients to buy instead of lease, such as in the case of capital expenditures. Some government agencies, political campaigns, and schools must spend their budget within a set amount of time for tax or expiration reasons.

3) Repairs and Upgrades
Because of the rapid pace of technological advancement, leasing office equipment is a better option than purchasing one outright.

To begin, most technology becomes obsolete within a few years, requiring you to purchase a new copier or printer every four to six years to keep up with changing technology. You could also keep using an old printer, but this will result in much higher maintenance and overall operating costs due to discontinued parts and increased toner scarcity over time.

There are two benefits to leasing a copier or printer. To begin, leases are accompanied by a maintenance and service plan that provides assistance whenever it is required. Throughout the lease term, you will have access to a team of certified technicians who will respond to your needs. If you buy a copier or printer, it may come with a short-term warranty, but these warranties are notorious for having gaps in their coverage, so you may end up paying the bill in the end.

The second advantage is that your lease provides a continuous refresh cycle, ensuring that you can upgrade your copier or printer with the most up-to-date technology at the lowest possible cost of operation. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a machine that will only last five years, you can pay less money up front and get an upgraded device as newer technology becomes available.

4) Tax Benefits
Every company looks for ways to reduce their tax bill, and leasing can help. Purchasing office equipment outright may result in the payment of an AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax), whereas leasing your equipment will not. Also, if you lease your printer (or any other piece of equipment), you can deduct the payments as business expenses at the end of the year without having to figure out how to calculate depreciation.

5) Improve Your Printing Environment and Capabilities
Our Managed Print Services can help your organisation succeed whether you plan to take advantage of the benefits of office equipment leasing or you already have the equipment and need help maintaining it.

We’ll take on the task of managing your print and copy requirements with Managed Print Services. We’ll set up your printing stations and begin remotely monitoring your devices after installation and training. To help you create the most cost-effective workflows for your organisation, we offer automatic toner delivery and replenishment, device diagnostics, and usage monitoring. Our team of experts will respond to maintenance or support requests within 4 hours or less.

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