5 ways to avoid/stop spam emails?

5 ways to avoid/stop spam emails?

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Spam is one-way attempts by spammers, hackers, or fraudsters to obtain your personal information, which can be easily stopped by employing a few techniques. One of the best methods is to never share your email address on the internet.

If you must share your email address, use an encrypted format such as “myname(at)google(dot)com” rather than “myname@google.com” unless it is extremely urgent.

Let’s look at a few more to stop spam emails:

  1. Never reply to spam email or click on any links in it.

Because these emails are untrustworthy or did not originate from a legitimate source. Don’t buy anything or click on any links in the emails, not even the unsubscribe link. Because these indicate that the email address is valid and that the user is real.

As a result, the likelihood of spamming may increase.

  1. Check Email’s header

When you receive an email, there is always a “show original” or “view source” or “view full header” button on the right side.

Always read the from and reply-to addresses. If both share the same domain name and the domain appears authentic, you can proceed with your activity; however, if the from-address and reply-to share a different field, this could be a sign that the email is spam.

  1. Load only text in an email

A spam email will contain numerous creative elements such as images, gifs, or hidden links. To avoid accidental clicks on such creative, disable dynamic email loading. Different mailbox providers, such as Google, Outlook, and Yahoo, already have such functionality enabled; in this case, do not change the setting.

  1. Use the complicated email address

It is always difficult for everyone to solve a complex problem. It is recommended to use a complicated email address that includes alphanumeric characters. Email addresses can be easily generated with a few lines of code, and if the complexity of the email address is high, it is less likely to be generated by spammer software.

  1. Stop Sending Emails

When you forward an email, you usually create a table-like structure within the email body that includes the from-name, from-address, recipient, reply-to, and recipients-cc. The same table-like structure is added when you forward an email.

If this continues, you will notice a trend or a list of email addresses from which the forwarding of email began. It is now very simple for a spammer to crawl and obtain the list of names, email addresses, and content. As a result, the spam database is ready without any effort.

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