Are Your Files Secure?

Are Your Files Secure?

10/03/2022 Information 0

It’s a serious mistake to think your company is not large enough to be the target of a cyber attack. Cybercriminals have discovered that a series of smash and grab thefts from small businesses can be just as lucrative as a major hit to a big corporation.

Is Your Company At Risk?

Data security threats to small businesses continue to rise. Here’s what they’re after:

  • Private client data that can be easily traded to their contacts in the black market.
  • Proprietary information outlining new projects and trade secrets, also a valuable commodity on the street.
  • Company financial information like bank account numbers and access to lines of credit.
  • Access to your network and files, which they can hold hostage until you agree to pay a hefty ransom.

Are Your Documents Vulnerable?

Keeping your networks and documents safe is a full-time job. Recognizing and addressing data security threats both externally and internally requires diligence as well as the latest security protocols. Preventing attacks is always a better approach than trying to recover after a successful breach. Here are six tell-tale signs that something is amiss:

  1. An unusually high incidence of invalid password entries.
  2. Unusual changes in established permissions.
  3. Modifications to file and data access incidences.
  4. A large number of unusual error messages.
  5. Newly deleted and added users.
  6. User connectivity problems.

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