Common Printer Problems and How to Fix : Wi-fi Connection

Common Printer Problems and How to Fix : Wi-fi Connection

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Wireless connectivity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you can connect your printer to your device anywhere in your home. Your connection, on the other hand, is invisible. If the printer loses her Wi-Fi signal, you often won’t know unless you fix the connection. If his wifi on the printer is down, disconnect the printer and reconnect to the modem. It’s a bit of a cliche these days, but turning off your electronics can do wonders for solving problems. please confirm.

The connection between your computer and the printer is weak (or non-existent!) and you can’t get the document you want. And since the problem lies between the two, it is often difficult to diagnose. If the printer hangs after wirelessly connecting to the printer, restart the computer and the printer and see if it reconnects. If no, here are some frequently asked questions if you suspect your WiFi connection is causing the issue.

  • Is your printer connected to a network? Printing a wireless network test report is the easiest way to check and verify your HP printer. Go to Control Panel and select Wireless Network Test Report (on some models, it can be accessed directly by pressing the wireless button). This report provides insight into connections, devices attached to the network, and network name (SSID address). You can use this to check if your device is connected to the network. Consider rebooting and reconnecting your router and printer.
  • Is your computer connected to the network? For Windows users, select her HP Print and Scan Doctor above for verification. Apple users, click the wireless logo in the upper right corner of the screen. Is your network checked?
  • Has anything changed on your computer recently? Updating your security software, firewall, browser, and operating system can cause connectivity issues with your printer. Depending on the nature of the update, you may need to reconnect the computer to the network, reconfigure protection settings to include printers, or install updated drivers. If you have updated your software, you may need to restore your system to its original settings/version and see if you can connect again.
  • Did you recently replace your router? You may need to reconfigure your printer and computer to reconnect to your network. Check to see if the new router has been assigned a different ISP address that needs to be reconfigured

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