Cloud networking: What is it?

Cloud networking: What is it?

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Cloud networking: What is it?

Cloud networking is a type of IT architecture in which part or all of a company’s network resources and capabilities are housed in a private or public cloud platform, maintained internally or by a service provider, and made readily available on demand.

Companies can choose between using cloud-based networking resources in the public cloud, cloud-based networking resources on-premises to establish a private cloud network, or a hybrid cloud combination of both. Virtual routers, firewalls, bandwidth control software, and other features and tools may be provided as needed among these network resources.

Why cloud networking?

Businesses today use the cloud to boost scalability, create differentiation, drive agility, and expedite time-to-market. For the modern corporation, the cloud model has evolved into the de facto method for developing and delivering applications.

Additionally, the way businesses handle their expanding infrastructure requirements, regional expansions, and redundancy plans has been significantly influenced by cloud networking. Many businesses are utilising different clouds from various cloud service providers and pursuing a multi-data centre approach (CSPs).

Benefits of cloud networking

The majority of businesses now consist of a patchwork of on-premises technologies, public cloud services, legacy applications and systems, and new technologies. This complicated scenario leads in poor governance, visibility, and manageability across dispersed networks and weak security postures.

VMware’s concept for networking in the future is a virtual cloud network. It is an architectural strategy (not a product) created in software at a large scale from edge to edge that can guarantee reliable, all-encompassing connection and security for apps and data wherever they are located, regardless of the underlying physical infrastructure. The same network and security stack may be utilised to offer connection, security, and visibility whether your workloads are on-premises or in the cloud. In order to offer the digital fabric that helps unite a highly scattered world, IT is also progressively embracing this type of next-generation networking service consumption technology.

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