Copier Types and Applications

Copier Types and Applications

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Do you want to have an understanding of what type of copier your office really needs?

There are a wide variety of different types of copier machines available on the market today, all offering different features. Having knowledge of the types of machines and their wide range of features will help you make the best choice depending on your needs. Here are the different types of copiers and their different uses.

1. Black and white (mono) copiers

Black and white copiers are machines that use only one toner color which is black, hence they are called monochrome or mono for short. These machines come in a variety of capacities, from low-end, low volume copiers to high-speed, high-volume devices. These copiers are made for office use, where color is not important.

2. Colour copiers

Colour photocopiers can produce colored copies as well as black and white copies. They usually have four drums and four toner cartridges that contain four primary colors, namely cyan, yellow, magenta and black, which when mixed produce all other colors. Colour copiers are usually multifunction devices and are mostly used for business purposes.

3. Network copiers

Network copiers can be connected to the office network for remote printing, PC faxing, as well as scan functionality. Almost all digital copiers and multifunction devices either come with the built-in network card or it is available separately as an option. You can connect the copier to your office network to allow everyone to print and scan wirelessly.

4. Multifunctional copiers

Also known as all-in-one copiers, these perform more tasks than just copying, such as printing, copying, scanning and faxing. The latest models have internet access and therefore connect to the office network to send files to various locations with different command functionalities.

Additionally, the copier can print from portable devices like laptops using a USB or wireless connection and have a document finishing option like booklet folding. This kind of copier is perfect for businesses that besides printing do more, like printing handbooks, instructional manuals, or even booklets for clients.

5. Desktop copiers

Desktop copiers are designed to use only A4 paper or smaller size only. These are small, space-saving copiers or the multi-functional copiers that are designed to sit on the desk. They can perform their tasks just like a multifunctional copier does but cannot accommodate A3 sizes because they would be too big and too heavy to be placed on a desk.

6. Wide-format copy machines

A wide-format copy machine takes a few moments to print professional-quality copies. The copiers work by using tiny droplets of ink and ejection that create professional-grade copies. They are used in businesses that need to include both graphics and print on their documents such as marketing, architectural, or even the education system.

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