Do You Need a Multifunction System?

Do You Need a Multifunction System?

05/04/2022 Information 0

If your company is in need of new office equipment this year, you may be facing a long list of decisions. Do you need a laser printer? Do you need a dedicated scanner, or will a multifunction copier serve your workgroup better?

Deciding which type of office equipment is the most practical for your company depends on your requirements, your budget, and your available space. Read on for some helpful advice on making the right office equipment choices for the new year.

List your requirements.

A laser printer will produce a document with sharp text and color printing capabilities are also available, if you need them. But if you’re in need of other features like scanning and faxing, multifunction copiers may be a more practical choice. Multifunction printers, or MFPs, combine printing, copying, scanning, and faxing in one unit.

Many multifunction systems also include professional print-shop finishing features, and the scanning feature allows users to save, edit, and distribute documents to other users and to document management systems or cloud storage repositories.

Save valuable office space.

Multifunction systems are well-known office workhorses, but they’re also very good at freeing up space in limited quarters. A centralized multifunction system can make a huge difference in an office cluttered with desktop devices, scanners, fax machines, and single-function printers.

Gain access to new technologies.

The right office equipment gives your team access to technologies that can help them do their jobs more efficiently. Some of these include:

  • A secure mobile printing solution for remote workers, BYOD employees, and visiting clients.
  • Document solutions for improved collaboration on key projects
  • Secure print solutions to eliminate print-related security risks
  • Green solutions to reduce wasted paper, toner, and energy

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