Does Managed Print Really Save You Money?

Does Managed Print Really Save You Money?

18/05/2022 Information 0

The cost of printing keeps climbing for many companies, and it could continue to rise if action isn’t taken to bring that cost back downward. With managed print services, there are several ways that the cost is lowered so that every page printed costs less.

Spending on Printed Pages

For each page that is printed in your office, many costs go into it. The cost of the paper is the most obvious, but there is also the cost of the ink or toner and the electricity used to print it. Then there is the cost of employee time that is spent on printing, organizing, filing, retrieving, and shredding documents. There is also the cost of the air conditioning needed in the office to compensate for the heat that the printer generates. Altogether, the total cost of printing is higher than most workers think, and printing fewer pages is the only way to lower all of them across the board. Managed print keeps a tally of the number of pages people are printing, making them each accountable for their print totals.

Repairs for Printers

One of the more substantial costs involved in printing is the repairs that printers often need. When printers are used regularly by many different employees, small problems will soon turn into larger ones. Then, the office will be down one printer until a repair appointment is made and carried out. Adding to the cost of the repair labor and materials, and it’s easy to see why avoiding printer repairs is so helpful for a company’s budget. Managed print services include regular maintenance being performed on the printers. This makes it less likely for them to need repairs now or in the future as they get more use.

Stocking the Machines

Stocking the printers with the supplies they need can get complicated. For instance, stocking up on ink is often the wrong choice, as the ink will expire eventually. And if the printer is replaced with a newer model, the office’s stock of ink may be the wrong type for the new printer. Your company can save money on printer supplies by keeping track of what each printer needs and when it needs it. Managed print services do just that, and they automatically order the new supplies so that the machine won’t run out.

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