Ensure Data Security Through Your Office Services Provider

Ensure Data Security Through Your Office Services Provider

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It’s little wonder that security is top of mind for business and IT managers in every sector. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of modern life that your business is just as likely to fail due to a data breach as any other cause.

Here are three proven steps your business can take to ensure data security and peace of mind.

1. Choose a reliable IT solutions partner.

If your existing trusted office services provider also provides cloud services, you’re ahead of the game. They’ll also offer secure multifunction systems, document management solutions, and data security software that integrates with your existing systems. Protecting your data begins with trusting your partnerships to help you keep sensitive documents from hackers and malicious attacks.

2. Recognize and address internal weaknesses.

Internal threats are just as dangerous as those from external players, and identifying your vulnerabilities is critical. When employees are uninformed, they don’t possess the knowledge to avoid phishing scams and common errors. Plan to work with your office services provider to make sure employees know how to safely access information, use network-connected multifunction systems and laser printers, and avoid vulnerabilities caused by mobile device usage.

3. Encrypt data during all processes.

Your data is extremely vulnerable when migrating to the cloud or to and from multifunction systems. Encryption makes your information useless to hackers, even if they should be successful at accessing it. Data should also be encrypted when stored on multifunction system hard drives. Responsible office services providers offer other data security services like overwrite technology, manual or automatic data deletion, hard drive shredding, and password solutions that keep unauthorized persons from entering your network or accessing documents via your copiers and printers.

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