Google Cloud Print Shut Down

Google Cloud Print Shut Down

07/01/2022 Information 0

Google Cloud Print Shut Down

As of the beginning of 2021, Google Cloud Print is officially no more. Google announced last year that its wireless cloud printing service would be deprecated on 31st December 2020. It’s now a defunct service and no device on any operating system can use it.

What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print was a feature that allowed users to print to any printer that had Google Cloud Print support via Google Chrome. It was created to simplify printing from Chrome OS, as Chromebooks weren’t compatible with many wireless printers natively in their earlier days.

Google Cloud Print allowed you to print wirelessly to a compatible printer from anywhere, with any device that had Chrome.

All you had to do was add a supported printer with Google Cloud Print capabilities (which most recent models have) to your account to be able to take advantage of its cloud printing capabilities. Google Cloud Print was particularly useful for businesses with high printing demands as one printer could be used wirelessly from anywhere by anyone in the business with a device featuring Chrome.

Why was Google Cloud Print shut down?

Even though the service was running for ten years and reached widespread adoption, it was still only in its beta stages according to Google. As we’ve already mentioned, the service was originally created to allow Chrome OS devices to print more easily on mainstream printers. Because Chrome OS is now much more compatible with market-leading printers natively, Google Cloud Print is inherently no longer necessary.

Will my Google Cloud Print printer still work?

Most recent wireless printers have Google Cloud Print capabilities, but this is simply an add-on to the many other features that they have. Your printer will function just as it was designed to. You’ll just have to use it in the normal, albeit slightly less convenient, manner.

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