Have You Addressed These Common Business Security Risks?

Have You Addressed These Common Business Security Risks?

29/04/2022 Information 0

The digital age may have made business life easier on several fronts, but technology has also increased opportunities for criminals to take what doesn’t belong to them. Diligence is critical, and if you’d rather not be a hacker’s next victim, it’s imperative to begin addressing your security vulnerabilities now.

Here’s how switching to electronic document management, performing system updates, and including your office equipment in your security strategy can help your company fend off cybercriminals.

Switch to Electronic Document Management

Businesses who rely on paper-based document solutions aren’t immune to cybercrime. Documents unprotected on office equipment hard drives or stored in filing cabinets are easy targets for criminals. Electronic document management not only provides your company with multi-layered security protocols, but it’s the best way to ensure that your information is backed up and available, no matter what happens to your on-site systems.

Stay on Top of Updates

Ignoring updates is a dangerous game, and you’re betting against the odds with each missed update. Requiring employees to perform updates on office equipment, networked mobile phones, and software is the best way to ensure that no system vulnerabilities exist; many updates are explicitly initiated to address security issues.

Include Your Office Equipment

It’s time to start including your office equipment in your security strategy, and not just your computers. Your multifunction systems, laser printers, and scanners may all be connected to your network and your stored documents. Security solutions include strategies like pull printing, data encryption, data overwrite technology, password protection, and automatic data deletion. A Managed Print Services assessment can help you find out how well your office equipment could fend off a cyber attack.

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