How can I make my Internet connection more secure?

How can I make my Internet connection more secure?

07/09/2022 Information 0

All Internet users should be concerned about security.

The first and most important step is to protect your computer and all data stored on it from malicious viruses and worms. You must have anti-virus software installed on your computer to do this. Furthermore, the anti-virus software must be kept up to date. Many people are unaware that anti-virus software is dynamic and must be regularly updated with the most recent virus signature files to ensure protection against cyber vandals’ latest creations.

Every month, hundreds of new viruses are released, and they can spread across the globe in minutes. Spectrum Enterprise has responded to the challenges that our clients face on a daily basis by providing Personal Security Suite at no cost to them. The Personal Security Suite protects every computer in your organisation and helps keep your data secure, even when employees work remotely.

The second most important step in securing your PC is to install firewall protection. Your computer operates with an open door policy without a firewall.

Managed Security Solutions offer fully managed perimeter security services such as management, configuration, implementation, client support, and monitoring around the clock. Our managed security platform ensures network integrity while preventing both internal and Internet-borne attacks based on the security policies you define.

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