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Photocopier company owners are well aware of how fickle our weather patterns can be. Most people are unaware of how temperature affects printer paper.

Humidity and printer paper

High humidity might affect your paper supply, and we certainly experienced an extraordinary quantity of rain this July. The width of each fibre expands when the paper absorbs moisture. Paper bloat occurs as a result, resulting in prints with curled edges.

This can also happen if you have humidifiers set to high to combat the dry winter air.

Low humidity might also be problematic for Calgary printers. The worst paper handling issues occur on cold days with low humidity – tight edges that cause sheet wrinkling and static electricity issues.

Printers and copiers perform best when they recognise the type of paper that has been loaded and can adjust to match the paper type. If your gadget was provided for 40lb paper, but the humidity makes the paper appear to be 50lb, you will most certainly fail. There was a paper jam.

Temperature and printer paper

Temperature can also have an effect on paper quality, particularly for big rolls of paper. When paper is stored in a cold region and subsequently opened in a hot room, condensation can form on the paper, similar to what you might observe on a glass of water during the hot summer months. Typically, the impacts of office paper are not as severe.

How to prevent environmental problems with your printer paper

Keep your paper in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Purchase good grade paper that is less influenced by weather since the fibres are tighter.

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