How Much Will Per-Page Printing Cost My Business?

How Much Will Per-Page Printing Cost My Business?

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When you buy ink or toner, the box specifies the number of pages it can print (page yield). In theory, the cost-per-page should be calculated by dividing the price of the toner or ink cartridge by the page yield.

However, determining the cost of printing per page for your small business is not so straightforward. If you look closely at the box of your toner or ink cartridge, you’ll notice a page coverage % next to the page yield. It’s most likely 5%, which means you’ll only reach the specified page yield if you average 5% coverage every page.

For example, suppose your toner can print 2,000 pages at 5% page coverage. However, the majority of your copies have only 10% coverage. That implies your toner will only last 1,000 pages.

While this may appear to be fairly complicated, we’re here to assist you figure out the page coverage and cost-per-page—actually it’s quite straightforward.

How to Calculate the Print-Per-Page Cost

The key to evaluating your print-per-page cost is determining your typical page coverage. First, learn how to utilise a coverage calculator. Then, figure out how to calculate the cost per page.

Finally, go over some cost-cutting solutions so you can save money while still meeting the needs of your organisation.

Use a Coverage Calculator

While you can guess how much toner or ink you’ve used by eyeballing your printed pages, it’s far quicker to utilise a coverage calculator. The coverage is calculated using the APFill Ink and Toner Coverage Calculator.

Because you can determine the page coverage before printing, it’s commonly utilised as a cost-cutting tool. You can, however, utilise it to determine your company’s average page coverage.

Use the tool to assess the page coverage of numerous PDF files after downloading it. Then, compute the average coverage for the files you examined. This can give you an estimate of the typical page coverage for your company.

Calculate the Cost

Once you’ve determined the page coverage, you may compute the cost. Use the following calculation to calculate the cost of printing per page:

Cost-Per-Page = Cartridge or Toner Cost/[Page Yield] x (Actual Coverage)

Let’s have a look at how you’ll arrive at each of these figures:

First and foremost, you can determine the cost of the cartridge by examining your previous order. If you order in quantity, you’ll need to do some math to figure out the cost of a single cartridge. You might also come across the details on your order confirmation Receipts may break this down so you can understand the cost savings of purchasing in bulk.

The page yield can then be determined by inspecting the toner or cartridge packing. When you use toner instead of ink cartridges, you will get a substantially higher page yield.

Finally, the APFill Ink and Toner Coverage Calculator will be used to determine the actual coverage. The calculator will give you a percentage, such as 20%. When entering it into the formula, you must write it in decimal form. As an example, if your page coverage is 20%, you would enter 0.2 into the formula.

Once you’ve finished the formula, you’ll have your cost-per-page. This is how much you spend on printing documents on average. It will not be exact because page coverage will most likely vary significantly from document to document.

Other Factors to Consider

Other considerations must be considered when calculating the cost per page. First, consider how much money you spend on paper. You must account for this in order to obtain a more accurate estimate of your print-per-page cost.

Consider the cost-per-page difference between black-and-white and colour printing. Color printing is frequently three times more expensive than black and white printing.

How to Reduce Costs

If you’re dissatisfied with the cost-per-page, you’ll probably want to look for a better bargain. You actually can only save money if you have a modest desktop printer from a big box store. Fortunately, lowering printing costs is significantly easier if you have a small business with a high printing volume.

In this instance, a nearby authorised copier/printer dealer can assist you in lowering your print-per-page cost while printing in both black and white and colour. You can save a lot of money by assisting you in selecting the proper machine.

You can also save money by using the provider’s managed print services. The provider of managed print services (MPS) might reroute printing jobs to decrease costs. To reduce costs even further, your provider can develop rules for using the printer and printing in colour. Employees will be less likely to misuse the printer and rack up costs by printing in colour when it isn’t essential.

Your local copier vendor can also manage your printers and supplies. You’ll never have to worry about running out of ink or toner, or about doing routine maintenance. You can instead concentrate on your little business.

A Local Copier Dealer Can Help You Reduce Printing Costs

It is obvious that an automatic document feeder will increase your company’s productivity and performance. You can handle high-volume jobs fast, including double-sided scanning pages.

The feeder can also assist with unique initiatives like software testing and KYC compliance. You can also use it to digitise your data to better security and more.

BIZCOPEIR can assist you with all of your copier needs, including adding an automatic document feeder to your multifunction printer. We also have office copiers for lease or purchase, as well as managed print services and maintenance plans. Contact us today for a free consultation to explore your needs. You can increase your productivity with our assistance. Most significantly, you will not have to worry about your workplace copier because we will handle everything for you.


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