How To Disinfect Your Office Equipment and Protect Your Employees

How To Disinfect Your Office Equipment and Protect Your Employees

02/06/2022 Information 0
How To Disinfect Your Office Equipment and Protect Your Employees

Office equipment is one of the most commonly used tools in a bustling office environment. Yet, while most offices have the carpets vacuumed and the toilets scrubbed each day, copiers and printers are usually an afterthought for disinfection. That’s because office equipment typically only gets cleaned when it’s serviced by a technician, or a dust bunny shows up in a paper tray.

Add that to the facts that on average we touch our faces 15.7 times per hour and that the Coronavirus is pretty resilient on hard surfaces (up to nine hours, maybe even days) and you might be thinking that you need to deep clean your office ASAP before anyone returns to your office. 

Better to be safe than sorry, copiers, printers, keypads, keyboards and mouse alike (hard surfaces that are frequently touched) should all be disinfected for the best chance at flattening the COVID-19 infection rate curve.

Here’s a quick list of best practices for small business owners looking to sanitize their office equipment to ensure the safety of their employees:

  • First and foremost, before you perform any kind of cleaning and to prevent electrical shock, TURN OFF AND UNPLUG you electrical device
  • Electronics and liquids do not agree, therefore, use caution with how you apply cleaning solutions. Never spray fluids directly on an electronic device.
  • As a rule of thumb, isopropyl alcohol is the best solution for disinfection with a minimum concentration of 60% alcohol
  • Pre-manufactured disinfectant towelettes are another good option because they tend to have the right amount of liquid for sanitation, but are not overly saturated that they might cause damage to your equipment.
  • When applying cleaning solutions, mist a soft cloth with the alcohol mixture or use the pre-manufactured towelette
  • Wipe down all exterior and exposed surfaces — copier lid, paper tray handles, keypads, and all commonly touched, high-traffic areas
  • When cleaning the glass platen on your copier, be sure to use a lint free, microfiber cloth NOT paper towels as paper towels can scratch the glass

If there is one resounding theme amidst all of this Coronavirus chaos, it is the fact that good old fashioned soap and water are the best defense against any virus. So, once your copier is clean, be sure you and your employees keep up with good hygiene. 

Wash your hands thoroughly, with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds, as often as possible throughout the workday. There’s no shame in posting reminders in your restrooms–whatever it takes to keep the well-being of every employee in your organization top of mind.

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