How to Get Rid of Streaks on Copiers

How to Get Rid of Streaks on Copiers

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Despite the prevalence of printers and all-in-one devices in offices and other places of business, copiers are still widely used as an efficient way to make multiple copies of documents. Copiers, on the other hand, frequently leave dark streaks on copies after extended use. Built-up toner deposits within the copier and scratches on the copier drum are two possible causes of these streaks. However, regular copier maintenance will remove these streaks and protect the copier from damage.

1.Inspect the copier’s glass for cracks or other damage that could be causing the streaks. If there are cracks in the glass, it must be professionally replaced.


2.Clean the copier’s glass to remove any spots or deposited materials, such as correction fluid, that may have stuck to the glass while making copies. Glass cleaner and a dry rag should be used. Make a single blank copy to see if this solves the problem.

3.Open the copier’s front panel and remove the toner cartridge. Clean the cartridge with a dry cloth and vacuum any loose toner from the area where the cartridge is installed.


4.Using a can of compressed air, blow loose toner and other debris from the inside of the copier. Use the air to clean areas of the copier that are difficult to reach, such as the paper feed.

5.Install a new toner cartridge and make another blank copy. If the streaks persist, they are most likely caused by toner, debris, or scratches on the copier drum.

6.Avoid damaging the copier drum by turning off any bright lights in the copier room. Remove the toner cartridge once more to gain access to the drum. Using a microfiber cloth instead of your bare hands, carefully remove the drum from the copier.


7.Inspect the drum for cracks or scratches; if any are found, the drum must be replaced. Spray the drum with compressed air to remove any toner or other debris.


8.Replace the toner cartridge and carefully replace the drum in the copier. The streaks should be gone after cleaning the glass, removing any loose toner, and cleaning the drum.

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