How to Show Effective Customer Service and Attitude

How to Show Effective Customer Service and Attitude

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The attitudes of your customer service representatives are the starting point for developing an effective customer service programme. When your customer service approach is accommodating, action-oriented, and friendly, customers are more likely to respond positively. The first step in developing a strong customer service approach is to train your representatives to put your customer service philosophy into action.

Make Training a Priority

Customer service representatives cannot convey the appropriate attitude if they have not been informed of your customer service philosophy or have not been trained in the proper way to interact with customers. Implement a mandatory training programme for all new employees. Before your representatives answer the phone or greet customers in person, they must be thoroughly familiar with your company’s policies, procedures, and expectations. Make training a priority and hold classes or programmes every three to six months.

Be Helpful and Friendly

Start every conversation with a smile, even if you’re on the phone. According to Kelly Services, smiling on the phone or during an online conversation sends out positive signals to your customers. Look for ways to help customers even if they don’t ask. Offer to troubleshoot problems, and follow up to ensure the customer is satisfied with the outcome of the conversation. Allow the customer to finish speaking before entering the conversation and asking questions based on the customer’s stated concern or problem.

Take Action

Allow customer service representatives to take action to solve problems rather than delegating responsibility. Customers may become irritated if they must make multiple phone calls to reach the only person who can help them. When you delegate authority to representatives to handle common problems and issues, not only does customer satisfaction improve, but efficiency improves as well, because problems are handled quickly and without being escalated to another person or department. If representatives are unable to provide an immediate solution, instruct them to inform customers of the action that will be taken and when they can expect to hear from your company about the problem or issue.

Offer Extra Service

Use a database to store information about previous purchases and preferences of customers. Inform customers when an item they have expressed interest in purchasing arrives or when a new service that may benefit them begins. As a way of saying thank you, give your best customers discounts and promotions. According to “Inc.” magazine, you should organise appreciation days for your best customers or invite them to private presales that aren’t open to the public. Even if you don’t think it will result in a sale, share information that you know will interest clients. While the contact may not result in a sale, showing interest in your customers may make them more likely to choose your company again in the future.

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