How to Spot Fake Office Equipment Reviews

How to Spot Fake Office Equipment Reviews

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The multitude of copiers on the market today may be intimidating when it’s time to choose one. Luckily, there are so many customer reviews available online, and those can help you choose the best one. Or can they? Here’s how to weed out the fake ones so you can get help from the real reviews.

Overly Biased Reviews

Does a review sound like a reviewer is going overboard with his excitement about the product? If a very long and very glowing review has absolutely no negatives in it, it may just be a fake. For most reviews, the pros and cons are weighed, and the appropriate level of excitement is used in the language. Something indeed over the top, however, may be planted there by someone involved in the business.

Abstract Reviews

A real review of a piece of office equipment is generally about how well that machine worked in the office. This will include features that came in handy and other aspects that have been either positive or negative. However, some product reviews are completely abstract. These reviews talk about the machine itself rather than the use of it. If your review lists ten features but never mentions whether those features worked well or are helpful to them, it may be a fake review.  

It Includes a Call to Action

People write reviews to tell others how the machine works and about their own experience with its features and design. A review of an office machine will include something about its use and whether or not it’s recommended t others by the reviewer. If there is a call to action in the review, however, this may be a fake review planted by someone else. A call to action would tell you to buy it right away or tell you that you need to buy it now because it’s on special. These are often faked by office equipment retailers to boost sales. 

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