Jump-Start Managed Print with a Print Audit

Jump-Start Managed Print with a Print Audit

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Regardless of the size and specifics of your print fleet, managed print services can maximize the efficacy of the equipment you are currently using. But, before you implement managed print, it is critical to get a baseline read of your current practices with a print audit, which will evaluate your print environment and help us put a framework in place to save you time and money. If you want to learn how managed print services can transform the way your business prints, follow these tips for success.

Assessing Print Practices

A print assessment will capture a picture of your current print habits, including end-user activity and requirements, business needs, and use of all devices (even spread across multiple locations). In order to get the full-picture view, print assessments must be thorough and wide-reaching.

Uncovering Hidden Costs

One of the reasons that printing is so expensive is because it is a business area fraught with hidden costs. With multiple departments and locations ordering supplies and acquiring new devices, it is easy to see how costs add up. Managed print services can wrangle in these costs by centralizing and streamlining your entire print program, including all devices and print supplies.

The best way to kick this off is with a print audit that will determine how much your print jobs are costing you, uncover areas of wasteful spending, and help put parameters in place to reduce unnecessary costs.

Eliminate Wasted Time

One of the many benefits of managed print is regular monitoring and routine maintenance of your print devices. This means that we will keep your printers, scanners, and MFPs in tip-top shape to ensure you don’t lose any time due to faulty equipment or lack of supplies. The print audit will help us pinpoint which devices get the most use, need the most oversight, and cost the most in unexpected downtime.

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