Leasing a Copier? Here’s How to Move Forward With Confidence.

Leasing a Copier? Here’s How to Move Forward With Confidence.

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Are you tasked with deciding whether to buy, rent, or lease a multifunction system for your office? There’s a lot to consider, and answering the following three key questions is the first step in the process.

1. Should we buy, lease, or rent our multifunction copiers?

The answer to this question depends on your company’s situation. Leasing copiers requires a commitment for the entire length of the lease agreement, which can run anywhere from 12 to 64 months. Many small businesses like the leasing option because it allows them to acquire systems with more features than they could acquire through purchasing. For those times when you need a copier for a temporary situation like tax season, conferences, or audits, renting is a good choice.

2. What kind of copier do I need?

Multifunction systems typically offer printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities. Features like stapling, collating, and hole punching are also fairly standard additions. Your monthly print volumes will determine your page-per-minute requirement. Outputs of 30 ppm for a print volume of 3000 to 5000 pages a month is a good fit. For high-volume industries like healthcare and law, a multifunction copier with more power and speed is a better option. Your office services provider can help you find the right fit for your team’s requirements.

3. How do we find a reputable office services provider?

If you’re new to the area or are just starting your business, you may be looking around for an office equipment and services provider. Partnering with a trusted and established local vendor means you can move forward with confidence when leasing equipment or creating office services partnerships. Check local area listings, ask for references, and research technology partnerships for the best results.

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