Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in the Office

Little Changes That Will Make a Big Difference in the Office

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Nothing is as expected as change, but it doesn’t have to be the huge changes that have an effect on your company. Often, it is the smaller changes that leave a business better able to do business efficiently and to recover more quickly from a disaster.

Relying on Paper

Paper is important in virtually every office setting, but relying on it too much creates more waste, and expense, than is necessary. When your office gets into the habit of scanning documents and shredding old ones, it will rely less on paper and have digital documents that are far easier to access, to edit and to send to others. Scanning and document management are now common office services that help keep documents easily accessible as well as safe from outside eyes that may want to see their data.

Creating Backups

Adding more layers of security to your company’s data will keep it safer, but nothing is 100% safe from hackers and thieves. One of the best small changes an office can make is to automatically back everything up in case of a data breach. If the worst should happen and the computer network should either crash or be taken over by a hostile hacker, your backups will give you back everything that was lost so that you can continue to do business. 

Naming and Filing

With digital document management being so important among your office’s many office services, it may seem that simply digitizing everything is the key to keeping it all organized. However, that isn’t the case. If a document is scanned but either not given a name or given an obscure name that no one will search for, it becomes extremely difficult to find that document later. Every worker should get into the habit of naming each file as it is created. A company-wide talk about an effective naming system can get everyone in the same virtual page about the names they choose. When the names are logical, the pages themselves will be easier to find later. 

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