The Advantages of Managed Print in the School System

The Advantages of Managed Print in the School System

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Managed Print's Benefits in the School System

There are so many costs associated with running a school that it can be challenging to keep track of them all. When it’s time for a school to cut its costs, the cost of printing should be considered among the viable budget options. Printing costs may seem to be fixed, but they can be lowered through the use of managed print services.

Monitoring Print Usage

When there is no monitoring of the printing going on within a school, more printing will happen than is needed. When it’s left unchecked, completely unnecessary printing is extremely common. Teachers will often print out many copies of things when not as many are needed, and they may do print large runs of many items that end up not being used at all. With managed print services, print monitoring discourages the overuse of the printer.

Stocking the Printers

Often, much of the expense of printing is for the supplies that printers require. Ink, toner, and the appropriate paper all have to be replaced much faster when there’s more printing going on. But by lowering the amount of printing that happens, the school also lower its cost for printer supplies. And, this helps to reduce waste materials as well.

The Printer Assessment

Using older equipment for as long as it will work is often seen as a cost-saving measure. However, older printers use more power and often deliver lower-quality pages. They also generate far more heat than current printers, requiring more use of air-conditioning. During the initial printer fleet assessment, the efficacy of each printer is assessed, and recommendations are made for getting rid of older printers that will add to your printing costs. This lowers the amount of power needed to run the printers, and it often means that printing all done be done faster by the newer machines in the fleet, increasing productivity at the school.

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