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The Benefits of Multifunction Photocopiers for Small Businesses

Multifunction photocopiers, also known as multifunction printers (MFPs), are devices that can perform multiple functions, such as copying, printing, scanning, faxing, and emailing. They are designed to save space, time, money, and energy for small businesses that need to handle various document-related tasks. Multifunction photocopiers offer many benefits for small businesses, such as: Cost-efficiency: Multifunction…
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How Xerography Revolutionized the Office and Changed the World

Xerography, also known as electrophotography, is a process of copying images by using electrostatic charges and dry toner. It was invented by Chester Carlson in 1938 and commercialized by the Xerox Corporation in the 1950s. Xerography revolutionized the office and changed the world by enabling fast, cheap, and reliable reproduction of documents, images, and texts.…
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What are some reputable copier and multifunction printer companies?

It may take some time to find the MFP that is best for your company, but it is critical to evaluate your needs and learn about the features that different brands and models offer before making a decision. It may aid in narrowing narrow the options down to about three brands, and then decide which…
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10 ways you can stabilize your WiFi connection

1.Restart your internet router Simply turning it off and back on has been a tried and true method of repairing electronics. And, regardless of which website or forum you visit, the first suggestion is always to restart your device. Rebooting your router starts the setup process, disconnects and reconnects you from all wired and wireless…
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What Is a Printer Cable?

For one reason or another, almost every business requires a dedicated printer, and most printers require a cable to interface with a single computer or the office network. A printer cable is just that: a cable that connects a computer or network hub to a printer. As printer cables, various types of cables are used.…
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How Data Security Protects Your Business

Data security means establishing protocols, policies, and procedures to protect your business data from loss, hacking, unauthorized access, and other issues. Most organizations have data security processes and controls in place, and some have better systems than others. If you’re wondering if now is a good time to address data security, update your systems, and…
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Features to Look for When Buying New Office Equipment

This year is a great time to make upgrades to your office equipment. Why? The office is changing more than ever, technology has made significant strides in recent years, and as employees return to the office, you can set a standard with productivity and enhanced features. Why make the updates now? We’ll outline some key changes…
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17/11/2023 1

Office Copier Tips: What is Papercut and What are the Benefits?

You might have heard some of your business associates mention PaperCut but don’t know what they’re talking about. You’re wondering, “What is PaperCut, and how can it benefit my business?” The first part of the question is easy to answer. It’s print management software that you can embed into your office copier. The second part of the…
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How Can Managed Print Services (MPS) Grow My Business?

Have you ever heard of managed print services (MPS)? You might be wondering how managed print services can grow your business, and there are actually numerous benefits to adding this service into the mix. Learn more by reading below—it’ll give you better insight when you consult with an authorized printer dealer, like Bizcopier, to set up…
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Nine Tips for Preventative Maintenance on Copiers

Keeping your copier in working condition is a necessity for maintaining a stable workflow. Because of that, preventative maintenance can help keep your copier working as intended for a long time to come. Below are nine helpful tips that can aid you in maintaining your copier’s condition. Start the Copier Early As a rule of…
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