Professional Printing and Paper

Professional Printing and Paper

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Professional Printing and Paper


Your paper would be the main guitarist at a rock concert if your print job were a rock performance. Sure, you could put any old musician up there, but if you want to go down in history as a standout, your lead player must be exceptional.

Don’t be cheap with the paper. When working with a professional printer, you will have to make the following decisions:

Weight of Paper

The weight of the paper indicates its thickness. A high weight number indicates thicker paper, and thick paper reacts differently to ink than paper with a lower weight number.

Thicker, higher weight paper is often called cover stock and can get be as thick as cardboard. Thinner paper, sometimes called text stock, is more like the paper you find in a novel — and can even run as thin as the paper in a phonebook.

Coated or Uncoated Paper

Paper can be coated or uncoated. Coated paper tends to make colors more vibrant and produces a sharper look. It’s also glossy and spill-resistant, which makes it a great choice for printed materials that’ll be exposed to the elements — self-mailers, door hangers, and postcards, for example.

Uncoated paper has a matte finish and can be written on. It’s great for business cards, trade show handouts, or other materials that you may want to make notes on. During printing, the ink or toner seeps into uncoated paper, which gives its colors a warm and soft feel.

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