Reduce Printing Costs With Print Audit Managed Print Solution

Reduce Printing Costs With Print Audit Managed Print Solution

21/03/2022 Information 0

Not sure whether Managed Print is right for your business or organization? For companies with at least three printing devices, Managed Print is worth a second look.

What’s Your Strategy?

You’re occupied with managing and growing your business, and there’s little time left over for implementing a print strategy. Unfortunately, hidden costs can take a significant chunk out of your bottom line. A Managed Print Assessment from Print Audit can uncover those costs and provide workable solutions for recovery. Here’s how:

1. Inform Yourself

Are your employees printing documents unnecessarily? Print Audit Managed Print Solution provides tracking tools and visibility to reduce wasteful printing practices.

  • Find out who’s printing, what they’re printing, how much, and what device they use.
  • Are desktop and personal printers a problem? These high-cost devices can encourage wasteful and unnecessary printing habits.
  • Do you know how many laser printers your company has online and how many users access them? Print Audit provides a detailed inventory outlining devices, computers, and end users across your organization.

2. Inform Your Staff

It’s not unusual for staff members to be mostly unaware of the real cost of unnecessary printing. Print Audit can help out by keeping end-users informed about the cost and the environmental impact of their everyday printing decisions. Control color printing, implement duplex printing, direct print jobs to the most cost-efficient device, and implement authentications to keep unauthorized users from printing protected documents.

3. Inform Your Clients

Are you losing thousands of dollars by not recouping client print costs? Print Audit can help you recover those costs, integrating captured managed print data with your existing accounting software. Some companies realize a return on their investment in just six weeks.

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