Seven Tips for Printer Maintenance

Seven Tips for Printer Maintenance

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Technology has always been simplifying lives but it needs proper maintenance. The same
goes for printers. Like other OFFICE SUPPLIES also printers need proper updates,
cleaning, and care. Even without being a professional you can take care of your office or
home printer with these seven tips and tricks.

Printer maintenance checklist

Before installing your printer, first, read the manual. This little book has all the information
related to your printers such as parts, installation, warranty, and more for the long-life of the
PRINTER. A printer manual guides you on how to troubleshoot it even before someone can
come and attend your printer.

In the case of a printed material stuck on your computer screen, you may need to gently
pull it out with both hands to avoid any tearing. It will save you from ruining the warranty of
the product and also help repair any damage caused by the user’s actions.

A printer like other machines needs to be placed well for optimum results. It should be kept
away from heat, moisture or dry air coming out from the CPU of the computer. This can
clog the print head resulting in poor print quality. Also, it should be kept in a quiet corner of
the office where people passing by don’t hit it.

Clean printers look good on you and will also print well for you. A printer should be cleaned
inside out and covered after use. For a smooth flow of ink, clean the print heads with warm
water. Use a lint-free cloth or moistened cotton swab for cleaning.

Refilling your ink cartridges is critical to the correct operation of your printer. Because refill
cartridges are pricey, individuals choose to use cheaper ink, causing the printer and
printing quality to suffer. So, always choose for branded and high-quality cartridges to keep
your printer and prints in good working order.

Another consideration is the time for replenishing. Don’t wait for the ink to totally dry. When
the printer alerts you to a low cartridge level, refill them. With dried cartridges, the printer
head is more likely to be damaged. Also, before replacing the cartridges, read the
instructions. For quality printing, avoid touching cartridges from below and instead choose
for high-quality ones that are not too fragile to handle.

Updating drivers is another excellent technique to keep your printer trouble-free. Some
manufacturers offer automatic updates, while others require manual updates. If your
printer’s software is out of date, it may not produce the required output. These updates
close gaps and improve the printing software.

When the printer is not in use for an extended period of time, turn it off. This will extend the
life of the printer and ensure that the cartridge does not dry out too quickly. As a result, the
printer’s head will become clogged, and running it constantly may wear down other
sections of it.

A printer must be used on a regular basis otherwise the ink nozzles will quickly dry down,
resulting in streaky printing. A business owner would need a printer every day, however if
you are not a frequent user,


It is a good idea to spend some money on an excellent maintenance kit. This contains
instruments for maintaining your printer, such as cleaning materials, rollers, and so on. It is
quite handy for folks who use the printer frequently.

In addition to the aforementioned pointers, selecting the suitable type of ink is critical to the
printer’s proper operation.

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