Slow Network Impeding Your Progress?

Slow Network Impeding Your Progress?

18/03/2022 Information 0

Acquiring information used to be a time-consuming process. A trip to the library or bookstore was the starting point for everything from how to grow bigger tomatoes to identifying the source of the mysterious ticking sound under your car’s hood. And next year’s vacation? The journey began by writing to the chamber of commerce for a visitor’s packet.

To say that the way we gather information has changed is an understatement, and now and then it’s good to laugh at our impatience (outrage?) when a slow network means we have to wait a few extra seconds. Even so, a slow network can bring business productivity to a standstill. If yours is causing some frustrating bottlenecks, here are a few simple steps you can take to mitigate the problem.

Finding the Root of the Problem

Sometimes just making a few inquiries can help you get to the bottom of the problem and back to work with minimal disruption.

1. Talk to the IT team. — Perhaps you missed the memo about a scheduled outage. IT departments do what they can to avoid outages during peak business hours, but maintenance issues sometimes come up unexpectedly.

2. Update your applications. — Updates can be an inconvenient annoyance, but constantly swatting them aside for later can catch up with you.

3. What about your browser? Try switching to another browser to see if anything improves.

4. Get an office services check-up. If you need help storing and accessing your information, look into professional Cloud Services. You’ll be able to access your information quickly, securely, and from any location.

5. Get an equipment check-up. If you’re using a multi-function system to scan and route information to your database, perhaps an equipment upgrade is in order. As part of an overall office services strategy, we are offers state-of-the-art office equipment to help your business succeed.

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