The Advantages of Using a Multifunction Printer

The Advantages of Using a Multifunction Printer

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An office is only as good as its employees, but if your team is suffering with antiquated technology, you may be wasting tremendous potential. Look about you. Where are your staff having difficulty? You probably named some office equipment staples like the printer, scanner, or fax machine. It’s past time for an improvement.

Multifunction printers are useful for more than just copying expense reports. They can turn your office’s centre into a productive, user-friendly, and easy-to-monitor hub for office productivity. Let’s look at what multifunctional printers can achieve for your business and the top three reasons you should make the move right away.

What Can Multifunction Printers Do For My Organization?

Desk printers are infamous for their inefficiency. They print at a rate of one page per minute and use a lot of ink. There’s no way to track usage, and if you’ve ever tried to print handouts immediately before a meeting, you know the feeling of not finishing everything.

Multifunction printers can do more than just print. They can also copy, scan, fax, and email documents. “But I already have desktop printers, a fax machine, and a computer that can handle those chores,” you argue, and you’re correct. If that’s all you think a multifunction printer is, you’re wasting your full productivity potential.

Why Should I Switch To A Multifunction Printer?

Multifunction printers aren’t just for those jobs. Instead, consider them the entry point to managing all of your unstructured data. By shifting your focus away from “feed and speed,” you can unlock the true potential of multifunction printers. Let’s take a look at what your organization’s true potential is.

1) Digitize Documents
How much time do you spend hunting for a tangible copy of a contract or historical record? Multifunction printers allow you to convert those unprotected paper documents into a searchable system that is right at your fingertips.

Upgrading your single-purpose equipment creates a hub for digitised data. These documents can be routed through your business, removing the need for cumbersome paper records. Although you may never completely eliminate paper copies, you might have a searchable library that is tailored to your individual workflow and is easily accessible to your staff.

2) Improve Security
Digitizing important data is a significant step, but multifunction printers have security features to put your mind at ease. They’re networked in the same way that computers are, with built-in security safeguards that patch vulnerabilities and prevent hackers from accessing data.

They also allow you to designate permissions for documents, putting your most sensitive data behind a digital lock and key, and watch activities to see who is following protocols. Individual access codes specify those permissions, and for your old school staff, features like secure pull printing, which prevents critical papers from sitting in an output tray for even a second, are available.

3) Upgrade Ease Of Use And Support
Many multifunction printers now have user-friendly displays that function similarly to our smartphones and tablets. Employees may visually explore through options using a touch screen instead of black and white displays with less information, eliminating or lowering time spent on training and customer service.

Managed support is now available for multifunction printers. A team of professionals is available to handle security updates, inquiries for more sensitive or difficult office needs, and audits geared to optimise the setup of your multifunction printer.

Vendors of multifunction printers are dedicated to delivering office and company administration through workflow optimization. This could include automatic toner and supply shipment, automatic metre readings, customer care support or a dedicated account manager, frequent servicing, and productivity audits.

How Do I Choose The Right Multifunction Printer?

You are aware that moving to a multifunction printer will improve your workflow, security, and sustainability while saving important staff time by automating maintenance and updates, but there are still many options available. Choosing the proper one can be difficult at first, but here are a few crucial criteria to remember:

  • Laser vs. inkjet: laser printers use powder toner and intense heat, whereas inkjet printers use liquid ink and digital print heads. Both offer pros and downsides, so consult with your provider to determine which is the best option for your company.
  • Printing power: how much do you really need? A high volume enterprise solution, for example, will have a different answer to this question than a smaller nonprofit, so a comprehensive office workflow audit may assist you make the right option.
  • Resolution: While most multifunction printers have far higher resolution than an old desktop printer, you’ll still have to decide how high your resolution should be. Design firms may require precise colour representation, yet law offices may require sufficient black and white resolution to read digitised papers.
  • Energy star ratings: how frequently do you use the printer? Sleep mode, duplex printing, and toner saver modes all help you boost sustainability and lower total operating costs.
  • Format: If your office is involved in public relations or marketing, you may benefit from a variety of format possibilities. Even if your organisation isn’t in marketing, think about how frequently you send large format print jobs to the office supply store down the block and include that in your multifunction printer guide. Keeping such print jobs in-house could free up significant resources.

Making The Switch

A managed print service is a great method to upgrade to a multipurpose printer and office hub without experiencing substantial downtime. It also assists you in making the best option for your office’s needs, so you’re not overpaying for things you never use, or underpaying and cursing yourself for missing that one function your business desperately need.

Our team is eager to assist your office in making the move from outmoded single-use equipment to the multifunction printer and managed services that are most suited to your workflow.


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