The Hidden Dangers of Upgrading Office Equipment

The Hidden Dangers of Upgrading Office Equipment

26/04/2022 Information 0

Data security is at the forefront of daily business concerns. However, when it’s time to upgrade your printer, it is possible to overlook what happens to the files stored on your old equipment. It is not enough just to recycle the old printer and look for a newer, better option. It is imperative to ensure all of your intellectual property is protected with office services.

Hidden Dangers

When we worry about safeguarding our data, we often stress over viruses, malware, and security breaches. And while those are indeed some well-founded concerns, there are also less-obvious dangers threatening your business.

Today’s printer is not just a printer. It can scan, fax, and print across a wireless network. This device is accessed by multiple employees from various locations. The digital technology that enables your MFP to perform these tasks is also what makes it a security threat as it stores information on its hard drive. With office services such as cloud-storage and data security management, you can ensure that your info is secure.

Taking Secure Steps

When it is time to get rid of your printer, confirming you have all of your private data locked down can be a little tricky. First and foremost, be sure any and all information and documents you might need are backed up to an external hard drive or to a cloud-based storage platform. Secondly, if possible, retain possession of the physical hard drive from your device. That way you can destroy it yourself or enlist a pro to help you.

If that is not possible to get the hard drive, be sure that you work with an office services expert who can certify that the hard drive or memory storage has been completely erased or destroyed before it leaves your office. Once it is offsite, you are vulnerable if your information has not been entirely eradicated, as machines are often refurbished and reused.

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