The Top Reasons to Buy a New Printer in 2023

The Top Reasons to Buy a New Printer in 2023

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The Top 5 Reasons to Consider New Printing Equipment in 2023

1. Your Printers Are Old
Outdated printers can incur additional print costs. They typically necessitate more upkeep and energy. In terms of energy consumption, newer printers and copiers are more efficient. Furthermore, when print devices reach the age of seven or eight years, their manufacturers typically stop producing replacement parts. This can make repairing an older printer a costly endeavour.

2. Your Cost-Per-Page Is Too High
Toner usage becomes more efficient as print technology advances. Toner is an expensive consumable, so the ability to print with less toner can significantly reduce your cost-per-page.

3. Your Devices Are Single Function
Multi-function printers, which allow users to print, scan, fax, and copy, are an excellent way to save energy and space.

Furthermore, scanning documents directly to email or a cloud folder is possible with newer print technologies, which can eliminate a lot of extra steps.

4. Your Employees Are Frustrated
When printing is a necessary part of your job and your printers fail, it can be stressful and frustrating for your employees. It may also have an effect on your bottom line.

5. Your Print Security Is Almost Nonexistent
Networked printers provide convenience, but they can also provide potential entry points for hackers if not properly secured. Printing equipment that is more than seven years old is simply not capable of repelling today’s cybercriminals. If print security hasn’t been on your organization’s radar, it’s one of the most compelling reasons to upgrade your equipment in 2023.

Pro tip: when you get your new equipment, be sure that either your dealer or your staff updates its default admin password.

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