Time for New Office Equipment? Don’t Dismiss Color!

Time for New Office Equipment? Don’t Dismiss Color!

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Your office equipment selections can make a tremendous difference in both employee productivity and operating costs. The right office equipment gives your team access to technologies that can help them perform daily tasks more efficiently. On the flip side, the wrong office equipment can stand in the way of productivity and even drive up costs. In the case of printers and copiers, business managers often forgo color, thinking the decision is right financially. Here’s why that may not always be the case.

The Case for Color

Before you decide to pass on in-house color printing capabilities, consider these points.

  1. On-site convenience —If you’re currently outsourcing all of your color printing needs, an in-house solution could save you time and money. Instead of sending an employee to a third-party provider, a staff member can print or copy color documents on demand right in the office and for a lower price.

  2. Go green —Did a staff member order extra copies of your last outsourced color print job? What was their thinking behind that? In most cases, companies order more documents than they need to qualify for price breaks or to avoid the hassle of reordering. With in-house color equipment capabilities, your staff members can print color documents on demand in the exact quantities they need.

  3. Track your costs —Some business owners are nervous about giving their employees access to office equipment with color printing capabilities. They’re concerned about color free-for-all’s, with employees printing everything from their daughter’s graduation invitation to internet memes. Fortunately, managed print solutions that provide tracking and restrict access can quickly eliminate these concerns.

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