Typical MFP Errors

Typical MFP Errors

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Paper Jams

Don’t immediately pull the paper out with strong force. Try to remove it slowly and tactfully. The more force you apply on the jammed piece of paper, the easier the parts of the machine will dislodge and break. Plus the paper could rip and leave a piece of paper inaccessible inside the machine.

Lines on copied / scanned images

If you notice lines or deformities on the text or graphics you have copied or on your scanned image, you may have a dirty substance on the copy machines’ scanner glass. You can use a microfibre or lent-free cloth to gently wipe the surface of the small scan glass to remove the debris. This piece of glass is the skinny strip to the left of the copiers main scan glass.

Copies to Light or Dark

While your copier will always try and give you the best reproduction of a copied original the automatic setting does have its limitations.

There are adjustments that you can make, for example to change the original type setting on the machine.

The default being a combination of text and photo, however you do have control to select from pure text to photo or map, also you can manually increase or decrease the image density for particularly difficult originals.

These settings are there for you to use, so please have a try and see what you think.

Paper Loading

Believe it or not, the way you insert your paper into the copier greatly determines the way your copier performs. Here are a few simple techniques you can use on your machine:

  • Don’t fill your paper tray to the brim. Leave a little room between the top of the tray and the top of the paper stack.
  • Make sure that the backstop inside the tray is pushed firmly up against the pile of paper but not so much that is squashes it.
  • Before inserting a stack of paper into the machine, fan it. It helps put air in between the pages.
  • Keep the paper in a dry, clean and organised space. The cleaner your paper is, the cleaner the copies will come out.

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