What are the benefits of cloud printing?

What are the benefits of cloud printing?

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Here are 5 of the key benefits of moving from an on premise print server to a cloud environment.

Reduction of cost
Subscribing to cloud services eliminates the need for upfront capital expenditure on servers, resulting in a single, predictable monthly charge. It also lowers operating costs for server maintenance and energy costs for running your on-premises devices.

Free up time for your IT Team
Time spent installing print drivers on machines and managing the print server infrastructure diverts attention away from the value-added tasks that your IT team should be performing.

The ability to change quickly is critical to business flexibility. As the demands of your business change, so must your technology. In a cloud environment, scaling up and down or adding new functionality and services can be done much more quickly.

Secure Printing
Because Universal Print manages print in the same environment as Active Directory, user access is easily managed by the same rules and security that you apply to Azure AD.

Ease of use
It becomes a breeze for your users. Your workforce is no longer centralised, and ensuring that they have access to printers regardless of where they are is much easier when using a cloud service. Location-based rules can automatically connect the user to the nearest printer.


So the advantages are obvious, and with Microsoft’s universal print, transitioning to a cloud printing environment has never been easier.

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