What does IT support do?

What does IT support do?

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Just as IT has become ubiquitous in businesses, so have the roles and responsibilities of IT support personnel. IT support, at its most basic, is a broad term that encompasses any type of assistance with technology-related services and products. That is, IT support is equally responsible for installing new security software as it is for assisting forgetful employees in recovering lost passwords.

Simultaneously, effective IT support solutions provide employees with the resources they need to quickly resolve issues and get back to work. Employees can contact IT support at any time, from any location, and expect a quick and dependable resolution. This translates to increased employee productivity as well as job satisfaction and engagement.

With this in mind, the following are some of the more-common tasks associated with IT support:

  • Logging and processing support calls
  • Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners
  • Planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance upgrades
  • Setting up accounts for staff, ensuring that they know how to log in
  • Solving password problems
  • Talking to employees and computer users to determine the nature of any problems they encounter
  • Responding to breakdowns
  • Investigating, diagnosing and solving computer software and hardware faults
  • Repairing equipment and replacing parts

IT support goes a step further, allowing IT agents to use virtual-agent chatbots to resolve repetitive IT tasks and requests, use predictive intelligence to automatically categorise and send cases to relevant teams, and incorporate service level management to improve visibility into commitments and set accurate business expectations. Finally, a comprehensive dashboard can provide service agents with a comprehensive view of all IT support, supported by AI-informed recommendations and critical context. These benefits enable IT agents to resolve more cases more quickly and accurately.

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