What is Lexmark Toner Recycling?

What is Lexmark Toner Recycling?

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What is Lexmark’s Toner Recycling Program

What usually happens to your office’s old printer cartridges? If they go into the trash can, you’re not alone.

Research shows over 350 million cartridges end up in landfills every year. This number increases by 12% each year. A major reason for this is many people don’t understand the process of recycling them.

If you’re printing often, you know how much waste you can produce. Let’s explore how the Lexmark toner recycling program can help you go “green” today.

Why Recycle Toner Cartridges?

Toners may take up to 1,000 years to break down in landfills. Recycling your toner cartridge is better for the environment and a wonderful way for companies to operate more sustainably.

Recycle your empty toner cartridges right away so the ink residue won’t dry out. This will make the cartridges easier to clean for reuse.

Lexmark Toner Recycling Program

Lexmark gives its customers a chance to decrease their waste through its toner cartridge reuse and recycling program. This program is free, convenient, and easy. Businesses using this program can instantly decrease their environmental footprints and honestly promote themselves as sustainable companies.

Lexmark recycled thirty-six percent of its printer cartridges shipped globally through the program in 2022.


How To Recycle Your Printer Toner

Recycling your Lexmark Toner first starts in ordering a new toner for your device. Once you’ve ordered your new toner 

  1. Package it – The first step in recycling your Lexmark cartridge is to package it. Put the old cartridge in your new cartridge’s bag.
  2. Box it – Put the bag in your new cartridge’s empty box, and secure the box for shipping using tape.
  3. Label it – The next step is to label the box. Attach the Lexmark return label that came with the box. You can also ask for a return label from Lexmark if your box doesn’t have one.
  4. Ship it – The final step in recycling your cartridge is to leave the box with the required carrier for pickup. You may schedule a return pickup at your business or take the box to the carrier’s store for shipping.


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