Which Is Better, a Printer or a Photocopier?

Which Is Better, a Printer or a Photocopier?

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3 Differences Between Printer and Photocopy Machine

  1. Each Has a Different Purpose

The only thing a standard photocopying machine can do is make copies, but a multifunction printer, also known as an MFP, does exactly what its name suggests. An MFP has the ability to fax, scan, print, and copy securely. Even stapling and hole punching are included in some devices.

Older copiers might only be able to print in black and white or in colour. It’s typical for an MFP to handle both modes on a single machine. Both have the ability to produce high-quality printed materials when required, depending on the unit.

  1. Copier Speeds Are Slightly Quicker Than Printer Speeds

Although it’s difficult to tell the difference with short runs, copier printing speeds can occasionally be faster than those of multifunction printers. The multifunction device might be faster if you’re making 1,000 copies of one document than a copier. The time difference is minimal for the majority of people who only need a few dozen copies or less when they print.

  1. Both Can Be User Friendly

When they first came out, some multifunction printers were cumbersome and difficult to use when switching between various modes. Over the years, MFPs have become much more intuitive. Copiers have a variety of buttons and settings that can turn any simple copy into a daunting task. Modern multifunction printers work with you, not against you, and are built with the user experience in mind; a copy can be made with the press of a button.

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