Wireless Internet – Tips and Tricks

Wireless Internet – Tips and Tricks

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Experiencing weak Wi-Fi Signal and poor performance?

If you experience weak Wi-Fi signal and experiencing a poor performance, try the following.

  • Disconnect and reconnect to the network.
  • Ensure the network you want to connect to is on the top of your list of networks or checked as one of your preferred networks.
  • Switch over to a different network.
  • Be aware that Wi-Fi access points are not located outside so Wi-Fi connection between buildings may be spotty.
  • If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi, please contact IT Service Centre.


Experiencing strong Wi-Fi Signal and poor performance?

Try the following if you have a strong Wi-Fi signal but poor performance.

  • Turn off any additional devices in the area that are using Wi-Fi (e.g. Wi-Fi printer, smartphone Wi-Fi hotspot, etc.)
  • Search for Wi-Fi networks. Exist any other networks that aren’t CU Boulder that have a strong signal? Personal Wi-Fi routers are forbidden and might degrade your Wi-Fi performance. Inquire with the IT Service Centre.
  • It is always advised to keep your device’s Wi-Fi driver firmware up to date. If you have inquiries about how to check your firmware, get in touch with the IT Service Centre.
  • Your device may have an older Wi-Fi card. We’re recommends u to having a computer with Dual Band spectrum (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) 802.11n or 802.11ac for Wi-Fi networks.
  • Mac or PC instructions for checking your device’s Wi-Fi card.
  • Dual band Wi-Fi USB cards can improve your Wi-Fi performance and are connected to a USB port. They are available at Best Buy, Amazon, and other electronic stores. When shopping, look for Dual Band 2.4GHz/ 5GHz.
  • Be aware of any nearby Wi-Fi interference sources, such as microwave ovens and wireless cameras. Please visit the Interference Sources page for a complete list of possible Wi-Fi interference sources.
  • Note: If your Wi-Fi device only supports Wi-Fi on 2.4GHz, using Bluetooth devices while using Wi-Fi could affect your experience.

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