3 Tips for Choosing an Office Equipment Provider

3 Tips for Choosing an Office Equipment Provider

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When it’s time to upgrade your office equipment or equip a new location, there are a lot of decisions to make. The first one is choosing the right dealer.

Why It’s Important

It’s true; you could get all of your office equipment in one afternoon by stopping by a big box retailer. But the advantages of dealing exclusively with a professional office equipment and services provider far outstrip the convenience of that afternoon shopping trip. Here’s why you’ll want to choose a more measured approach.

You need service and support after the sale.

When choosing professional-grade copiers, you need assurances that your supplier can offer more than just a short-term warranty that may not provide complete coverage. To make sure you’re getting the best ROI, choose a provider that offers:

  1. A professional service strategy — You’ll need fast response times when issues arise, a commitment to address problems in the first visit, and a preventative maintenance strategy to keep your equipment operating at peak performance levels.

  2. Comprehensive document solutions —Your business needs more than just office equipment. A professional business solutions provider can help you implement strategies to use your equipment as a bridge between paper and digital business processes. Look for document management offerings, managed print services, cloud services, and security solutions for a holistic approach to your daily operations.

  3. Industry-leading technology partners — The best providers partner with world-class manufacturers to bring your company the very best office equipment and software offerings. When you need document management solutions, multifunction systems, network printers, scanners, and digital presses, those top-of-the-line partnerships will make a world of difference.

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