Can you upgrade or downgrade your copier lease before lease ends?

Can you upgrade or downgrade your copier lease before lease ends?

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May we upgrade or downgrade our copier lease before lease ends?

Yes, most copier/multifunction printer leases can be upgraded or downgraded to accommodate changes in business environment. Be aware that a lease is a non-cancelable contract. Your partner dealers will work with you to meet your production and financial requirements. Partnering with an ethical, reputable equipment supplier will insure a hassle-free experience.

 Leasing is a great way to keep your business copier technology current which to enables your staff to efficiently print, scan, copy and fax documents.  Just like other technology, copier technology is improving, giving better security, energy efficiency, memory, file processing and document scanning capabilities. Copier improvements translate into increased worker productivity and reduced costs.  

If you see the use of your copier changing, increasing or decreasing speak to your copier sales representative about options and ask for right-sizing recommendations. An upgrade should entail evaluating your current printing and scanning needs. Are you printing more color pages, scanning larger document sets, or need more finishing capabilities.

Your copier partner will create a recommendation and proposal to right-size your copier(s). If your needs increase you may want to swap your existing MFPs with an additional quantity of MFPs or with more powerful MFPs.  If your requirements lessen a fleet downsizing may be needed, reduce the quantity of MFPs or lower the capabilities of the existing MFPs. Upgrading or downgrading your copier lease will affect your lease payments and service payments.

The costs will change based on the higher or lower cost copier(s) equipment and service print volumes.   Also affecting your lease payment is the amount of time remaining on your existing lease. Upon your approval of copier recommendation and proposal and the signing of an order agreement, copiers will be returned to leasing company and replacement copiers installed and connected to your IT network.

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