How Do You Clean A Photocopier Machine?

How Do You Clean A Photocopier Machine?

03/10/2022 Information 0

We’ve talked about how important it is to clean your copying machine. It generally ensures optimum performance by clearing paper jams, for instance. Now it’s time to talk about how to clean a photocopier machine the right way.


You must first turn off and unplug your copier to prevent electrical accidents from happening to you and the machine. Then, use a cleaner containing alcohol, or you could use a wipe. The cleaner must be free of ammonia or bleach.


Next, slightly dampen a clean cloth with the cleaning solution. To avoid machine complications, you do not want to pour too many liquids on the wiping cloth.


Carefully wipe the exterior parts with the wiping cloth while ensuring that liquid doesn’t enter any openings around the buttons. Leave the surface of the copier to dry, then plug the device. Afterwards, wash your hands.

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