Kicking Off Managed Print in 2021?

Kicking Off Managed Print in 2021?

30/06/2022 Information 0
Kicking Off Managed Print in 2021_

Managed print is the big shift many offices are more than ready to make in 2021. While some businesses have put it off for too long, managed print is a partnership that will bring savings, experienced team members, and security to your print environment. If you’re ready to save and take another thing OFF of your to-do list in 2021, managed print is your next step.

Here’s What You Need to Know

The need to know about managed print is pretty easy. The service includes outsourcing print oversight to a team of professionals who will find cost-saving strategies and printer fleet oversight in your print environment. From supply ordering to maintenance coordination, your managed print team will take care of all the details so that you don’t have to worry about why it works, you just know that it will when you need it.

Managed print services also include a print audit, a realistic monthly print budget, and print cost oversight so you can cut back on overspending and save up to 25% on your print budget.

Finally, managed print can also improve your office efficiency tremendously. From reducing time spent on tedious tasks to allowing the IT team to avoid pointless printer assistance calls, your entire team can find productivity improvements with managed print.

How to Get Started

The next step is to chat with the reliable managed print team at Base Technologies to discuss how exactly your business will benefit from the service and what your potential savings can be.

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