Manage Print Costs with Comprehensive Oversight

Manage Print Costs with Comprehensive Oversight

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Manage Print Costs with Comprehensive Oversight

Here’s an important business manager question: Are you sure that your company is responsibly managing print? It’s okay if you’re not sure – most businesses are not aware that up to 3% of their operating costs could be going to their print environment. That’s a huge chunk!

If you’re not totally sure that your print has the proper oversight, or if you’re curious about what else you could do to cut costs, managed print services are a great consideration.

Managed Print Services Get Costs Under Control

How does managed print get your costs under control?

  • Starting with data, managed print will evaluate your current print environment to find efficiencies
  • The vendor will make recommendations for print policy changes and oversight
  • Managed print services will also coordinate supply ordering, maintenance, and other print issues
  • Then, your print environment will have a reliable supply chain, budget, and functioning policy

Start with a Print Audit

A little more on that initial step – the print audit. This is where your vendor can help you save the most money.

The print audit will analyze who is printing what and how much is being printed. Then, you can see if it makes sense with your print strategy or make changes to policy or print fleet to better managed the overall print operations in your company. Starting with data means decisions are made for the right reasons with managed print services.

Revamp Your Print Environment

If you’re decided that it’s time to get your print costs under control, have a budget that you can predict, and ensure that your office is being smart and sustainable about printing, it’s time to discuss managed print services

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