Managed Print = Better Cyber Security

Managed Print = Better Cyber Security

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Managed Print Equals Better Cyber Security

Printers are unfortunately very susceptible to cyber-attacks and malicious malware. Luckily, managed print can introduce a multi-layered print security strategy to your office and help protect your data, clients, and employees.

Print infrastructure can be a major target for attacks, hacks, and breaches because it is often overlooked as a sensitive and vulnerable data source. However, managed print can protect your print environment and your entire business from a big security breach.

How Managed Print Helps

Managed print has a significant impact on print security. First of all, managed print is proactive and comprehensive fleet management. That means that the service’s primary function is to seek out potential problems or issues and address them before they impact your entire business.

This also applies to security – your managed print services can stay ahead of print security issues by applying intensive oversight to your print data and environment.

Here’s a breakdown of the most important ways that managed print addresses cybersecurity:

  • Secure print infrastructure

  • Print fleet security policy

  • Ongoing monitoring and oversight

  • Print policy and education

  • Comprehensive security analysis

Change Your Security Landscape

Shifting your print security landscape to be proactive, carefully monitored, and ahead of changing technology and risks is critical to keeping your business and employees on track. As organizations worldwide move quickly toward becoming more digital, a secure print infrastructure is key in providing the right technology, education, and information to your teams. All organizations must focus more than ever on information security, and investing in managed print services is your first step.

Stay Ahead of Hackers

Managed print is critical for print security and protecting your business data. Managed print starts with the right vendor

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