Smart Ways to Save on Printing Costs

Smart Ways to Save on Printing Costs

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Printing costs are often one of the major costs in an office. The office printers use a lot of paper as well as ink or toner, and they cost money to maintain and repair. To keep your printing costs as low s possible, there are several systems that you can implement.

Going Digital

There are printing jobs that simply have to be done, but there may also be printing going on the office that isn’t necessary. When possible, find out whether the project really needs to have hard copies or whether the documents can stay in digital form. Bring up unnecessary printing at the next meeting sand ask employees to think about whether they really need to do that next printing job.

Managed Print Services

Getting managed print services saves on printing costs in a number of ways. By outsourcing the maintenance and stocking of your printers, you can have problems taken care of before they get larger and more expensive. This saves on repair costs, but it also saves on the downtime that would come w from printers not working. Printers that don’t work often mean spending more work time going to print shops to outsource the printing projects. Less employee downtime means more time spent productively in the office.

Printer IDs

When each employee has an ID number that they must input before any printing job, you will discourage printing that has no real need. This also allows you to see who is printing items and how often they are doing so. By discouraging unnecessary printing, you save money on paper, ink or toner and on electricity. As employees stop to think more about whether they really do need a hard copy, it will eventually become a habit to reconsider whether they need to print that document.

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